Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Richtersveld - Day 4

I ran out of steam writing day three that I couldn't continue with day four - you would have all been exhausted!

As you can see we covered quite a distance and stopped off because we just had to! You HAVE to take a photograph when in Pofadder and you absolutely have to stop off in Pella. I cannot begin to explain the peace and solitude of the mission, and across the way is a little "guesthouse" - if you want to call it that - three beehive grass huts, of which one is the honeymoon suite - if you are in search for something completely different! Here they make the best "Moerkoffie" ever!

So you see, one cannot just drive past these places without stopping to take a peek. We have such a vast country, with so much treasure to discover. How people survive in these remote areas is a miracle in itself, but they do and it is simply amazing to see what is out there.
Now, I haven't mentioned that the opportunity arose for us to do this trip with the 4x4 Offroad Adventure Club we belong to. I had no idea what to get my hubby for his 60th and thought a membership to a 4x4 club would be good as he'd got his dream machine in 2006 and we weren't doing anything with it.

So, before I carry on, we had travelled from Johannesburg to Springbok with Ryan, Bronwyn and Ethan, members we had met over 2007 and who are very special people to know and also keen travellers.

Day four: Right, now for the B I G adventure. Gas Bottles still full? Check! Dug? Check (fold up spade)! Any last minute requirements? No, think we have it all, check! Right, all ready, let's roll!

We left Springbok to meet the rest of the convoy in Steinkopf at the BP Service Station. A last fuel top-up, last dash into a "civilised" restroom and cooldrink from the "quick" shop that they have up that end of our beautiful country. After half an hour of this and signing indemnity forms and last minute vehicle checks, our convoy of twelve vehicles and thirty-two people hit the road, taking in the most beautiful landscapes imaginable,

and made its way to the Lekkersing / Eksteenfontein turnoff.

Here we were entering the Richtersveld Community Conservancy.

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