Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shingwedzi Trip - Day Ten - The End

It was actually such a strange feeling to be staying in a house after our week long stint in the bush, roughing it and making do with very little. You only realise once you're back in a built up area with all the amenities, how the creature comforts have actually taken over our lives! I could still quite easily give them up, as pleasant as they are - do we REALLY need so much?  A topic to contemplate and make a serious decision on.

We were up just after 06:00 and very well rested.

It had rained most of the night and the temperature had dropped considerably. 

We washed, dressed and packed and ate a hearty breakfast in the dining-room.  Cereals, fruit salad, yoghurt, juice, bacon, eggs and sausages - a meal fit for an army, nevermind a king - well worth the stay and recommending to anyone travelling through Lydenburg.  An-Mari Bed & Breakfast - very, very nice indeed.

We hit the road just before 08:30 and it felt like winter.  The temperature at the same time the day before was 27 degrees celcius and today 16 with an 80 percent chance of rain spread across the country, right up to whence we came.  Seems our trip ended just in time.

And so we journeyed on, through rain and potholes until we reached home - about 14:30.

The close to another amazing trip.  I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  Perhaps next time you will actually come along ...

Visit Transfrontier Parks Destinations and decide how you would like to traverse Mocambique.  There are a variety of options available - Backpacking & Fishing Trails; Wilderness & Hiking Trails; Canoeing Trails and what we did, the 4x4 Eco Trails.

As well as Mocambique there are several other wonderful places to visit too.  Think about it, it is an unforgettable experience...

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